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wings of desire

Karl-Marx-Straße performance 2022

shadow play

art festival project 2022

in the air

April 14, 2021

blind eye of time

July 16, 2020

fate *n vision

art festival 2020

time rewind

#timerewind opera

last supper

her place at the table

golden section

Magdalena light painting III


ART I MYTHS - who the f*ck is Galatea?


identity project


#plastic bags forever

myths sugar-coated

empty mirror of #mythology

Medusa death mask

sugar-coated #myths unveiled


I will never be...

#spoken for

by the Polish #catholicchurch

stone sculpture

Magdalena's #wedding

#her underwear

take your rosaries off my ovaries III

#her life

take your rosaries off my ovaries I

#her shoes

take your rosaries off my ovaries II

hashtag #me

poster series no. 3 + 4

hashtag #me

poster series no. 5 + 6


in a brush stroke

golden venus tondo

the #Venus of Milo code

Venus of Berlin

homage to the #femaleform

tablecloth selfportrait

tribute to family history

love art

not war

to the sun

Projection Hommage to Goethe's FAUST


shape of summer nightmares

light painting on canvas

nourishing principles of humankind

surfaces of loss

Icelandic journey photographs

Medusa Invicta

#herstory mine- (selfportrait)


September 6, 2016

source of creation

The Berlin PIETA- brought back to life.

artist masks revisited

portrait of Witkiewicz

castle life

living picture performance, Hamburg

framed glass ceilings

portrait of Lilka Kossak

sound of the earth

homage to Mark Rothko

Alfa and Omega

the creative universal force

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