I will never be...

myths sugar-coated

empty mirror of #mythology

Medusa Invicta

#herstory mine- (selfportrait)

hashtag #me

bondage performance

Medusa death mask

sugar-coated #myths unveiled

stone sculpture

Magdalena's #wedding


shape of summer nightmares

ink and breast milk

nourishing principles of humankind

to the sun

Projection Hommage to Goethe's FAUST

golden venus tondo

the #Venus of Milo code

Venus of Berlin

homage to the #femaleform

tablecloth selfportrait

tribute to family history

surfaces of loss

Icelandic journey photographs

a muse is a butterfly

...for Stanisław Wyspiański

source of creation

The Berlin PIETA- brought back to life.

artist masks revisited

portrait of Witkiewicz

framed glass ceilings

portrait of Lilka Kossak

castle life

#castle performance in Hamburg

sound of the earth

homage to Mark Rothko

Alfa and Omega

the creative universal force

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