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“In Maria Kossak’s artistic universe, the lustre of gold shimmers with an alternation of highlight and shadow. It is determined by opposition, reflecting polarity on both: material and spiritual level. In Kossak’s work, traces of life are infused with the artist’s image, suspended in the flickering instant that separates melancholy from joy.”  
Dr. Stephan von Wiese, curator. 

Wings of Desire – plein air–  Berlin summer 2022

Berlin has taught me to never give up looking out for angels. R.Linzer, Taxidriver

SILVER LININGS EXHIBITION – every dark cloud has a silver lining, summer 2021

“Using this common proverb as a title for the show, I refer to the idea, that in every desperate situation there is an element of hope.”

In the Air – at the Dawn of this new Decade, Neukölln Town Hall, summer 2021

After its inaugural presentation at the start of the 2021 48h – Neukölln festival, the art- and urban intervention project will be accessible online

Artist residency – Palma de Mallorca,  fall- winter 2020/2023

L’art est une démonstration dont la nature est la preuve. George Sand

FATE *n VISION – how to emerge from a local crisis of global scale, summer 2020

“Spinning the yarn of HUMAN FATE, on the eternal WHEEL of TIME, let’s seek to co-create…”

 Artist talk #timerewind, Neukölln Opera House, summer 2019

” #timerwind enacts a cultural perspective study and is a symbol for the longing to overcome temporal and spatial  limitations.

 Multimedia installation #timerewind, Neukölln Opera House, summer 2019

Maria Magdalena is dancing on the canvas of art history, breathing new life into the Renaissance study of perspective by Leonardo da Vinci?”

Performance ARTIST floating on thin AIR – happy NEW YEAR,  winter 2018


ARTE POVERA of the DIGITAL AGE – Der Künstlerin NEUE KLEIDER,  autumn 2018

“the advantage of creating a NEW DRESS within a brush stroke …”

Autumn 2018, Medusa Invicta EXHIBITION  @ SUGAR Food Art Week PARIS
„myths are commonly framed as a reflection of patriarchal projections“ 
Summer 2018, woke up perfect- GALATEA  @ 48h Neukoelln Festival, Berlin.
„Myths are a point of reference in the understanding of our misogynist culture“ 

The #crackineverything: TĘTNICO świata mego.

MOMENTUM air Berlin- artist talk, 21 June 2017

“Art is a compass in the search for my own identity”

SCHLACHTHAUS fresh and fine art, summer 2017

“Love is the greatest magic we can experience as human beings.”

REYKJAVIK, Icelandic residency, summer 2017

“The state of alternation between destruction and construction …”

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