In her current solo show: “FATE *n VISION 2020- how to emerge from a local crisis of global scale”, the artist carries out a metaphorical shift. Spinning her own hair into a thread of destiny, Maria Magdalena transcends her limitations as representative of humankind and turns into a goddess: “Spinning the FRAGILE YARN of HUMAN FATE, on the eternal WHEEL of TIME“. 

Reading Kossak’s work, the year 2020 appears to mark a critical moment in human history, one of mythological proportion and unknown outcome. 

“How can we emerge from this deadlock with a sustainable vision? I ask myself if, in this moment of crisis and ancient throwback plague, philosophy and art are relevant?” the artist explains. “The art of weaving the very fabric of reality is a metaphor for taking agency in our own- and collective fate.“

Dr. Joanna Kiliszek, curator of the show.


FATE *n VISION 2020 – art festival opening PERFORMANCE by Maria Magdalena Kossak