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artist talk

“Art is a compass in the search for my own identity:
as a human being, as an artist and as a woman.
It helps me understand the phenomenon of life itself.”
Maria Kossak

“Maria Kossak is a visual artist, born in Warsaw, who grew up in Berlin and studied at the University of Fine Arts (UdK). Maria Kossak’s work is currently featured in the inaugural exhibition, WE ALL LOVE ART curated by Ryszard Wasko, of MOMENTUM’s partner gallery, Schlachthaus.fresh&fine art, which opened on June 17th.”


LoveLIFE #liebesLEBEN
There is a CRACK in EVERYTHING- that is where the LIGHT gets in…
(Leonard Cohen)
“Love is the force that keeps the universe going,
the greatest magic we can experience as human beings.
It connects us to and all there is.”
love (detail)

MOMENTUM AIR-  summer solstice –

from the left: Zhenhua Li, Dodi Reifenberg, Maria Kossak, Leslie Ranzoni, David Stuart Elliott, David Krippendorff

from the right: David Krippendorff, Colette Lumiere, Maria Kossak
rooftop celebration